Why traders prefer energy CFDs

Here are the positive aspects of CFDs

CFDs are accessible

Brokers require modest initial deposits, and you can open positions with limited capital.

CFDs allow you to trade globally

You do not need a brokerage account in a specific country to access stocks, indices, and commodities.


CFD brokers allow the same strategies you would use on the underlying markets. You can employ similar risk management tools and use the same data feeds that you would utilise on the underlying markets.

Frequently Ask Question

Oil CFD prices change depending on several factors, the most obvious being supply and demand. Events that can increase or decrease supply and demand include:

  • Refinery shutdowns, oil pipeline issues, or conflicts that limit oil extraction and export.
  • A country deciding to reduce their oil output. News reports and other announcements can indicate when these decisions may occur.
  • Decisions made by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) can also affect oil prices.

If you trade CFD products, you can enjoy several advantages, including:

  • These products provide access to spot markets, which are typically out of reach for individual retail traders.
  • Energy CFDs have low capital requirements.
  • CFDs allow you to use leverage to target profits from small market moves and take larger positions with limited capital.

Crude oil is the most liquid energy market, and you will have a wealth of information, data, and reports to inform your trading.
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